Keyword Guide

Keywords are the Key to Search Engine

Keyword Guideline includes following:

Keywords are the key to whether your site is seen in the search engines or not. Whether you plan to submit your site for free or use a service you will need to prepare your site in these ways:

Selecting Keywords – Most of the time when people use a search engine they search for common words or phrases like game, travel, music or sex. These words are called “key words” or “keywords”. Because of this webmasters try to use key words that are likely to be searched for included within their page. The more often a key word shows up the more likely the page will rank higher in a search engine. If you over do it however you can actually be rejected by a search engine. That is why webmasters try to make each page relative to only one to three key words. They then use those key words as the first words within their HTML meta tags, image tags, heading tags, title tag, text link tags, alt tags and even the file name of the page itself. Once you have chosen your keywords you will want to come back and use the Meta Tag Maker below to create your meta tags.

  • Title Tag: All the experts we asked feel that the what title you give your site or page is one of the most important factors in search engine positioning. The title is between the tags in your HTML. It should be captivating and contain keywords. You should keep it under 10 words. The title tag should be the first tag after the tag.
  • Image Alt Tags: This tags create the words that appear when you hold the curser over an image. These words should also be rich with keywords.
  • Meta Tags: Meta tags are between the tags in your HTML. Meta tags are how many of the search engines index your site. This can determine how you place on the search results when someone does a keyword search at a search engine. To avoid having your site end up being ten pages deep in the search result make yourself an excellent FREE set of tags with our Meta Tag Generator. You should at least have meta tags for your description, keywords and robots. Your tags should be rich in keywords that relate to your site.
    • * Description Meta Tag: Everyone agrees that your web pages should contain meta tags. You will need to customize your meta tags to fit your sites content to get high rankings in the search engines.

    • *Keywords Meta Tag: Use lot’s of keywords separated by commas for this tag. Example: affiliate program, make money, top 10, affiliates, associate, referral.
    • * Robots Meta Tag: You will need to have a robot tag to tell the robots the visit your site whether the pages they visit should be indexed and added to the search engine listings. Your choices for this tag are ALL, FOLLOW, INDEX, NOINDEX and NOINDEX FOLLOW.