Web Promotion Guide

Ideas & Guide for Link Building, SEO & Submission

Why do you want to promote your site? So that you can get visitors to your website, of course! Get more help about our link building, search engine optimization, search engine submission, pay per click and text link advertising web promotion ideas……

  • Search Engines Optimization
    “Optimized” web pages means that your pages are geared towards certain keyword phrases and have the right keyword density within them for optimal Search Engine “Friendliness”, and higher rankings. The web sites that rank high in the major search engines (like Google, Yahoo!, MSN, etc) are the ones getting traffic, and often sales. Many of those sites have been “Optimized” by companies like Submitshop.

    Search Engines have computers and programs called “Spiders” that collect information about your web pages in an attempt to “figure out” what your pages are about. These spiders gather information from your pages and use these in factoring which sites get ranked higher than others. Search Engines analyze over 100 On-Page Factors when analyzing your web pages..

  • Link Building
    Search engines like Google, Yahoo, and MSN, rely on links very heavily in formulating who ranks at the top of search results. The type of links that they rely on the most are “Who Links To Your Site”. The more sites that link To Your Site, the more “Votes” your site has in the eyes of the Search Engines, and thus, the better chances you have of ranking higher in those search engines.
  • Directory Submission
    Directory listings are some of the best places to get links from on the Internet. Having your site listed in directories helps to increase your traffic, as well as boosts your search engine rankings.
  • Text Link Ads
    Buying advertisements on other websites for relevance and power can help contribute to both increased traffic and high search engine rankings. We’re very experienced at buying text links and link advertising.
  • Pay Per Click
    Get found in the Sponsored results on the Google, Yahoo, MSN, and more! Offer a quick method of driving traffic to your site. Our PPC management includes tools to track your Return on Investment (ROI).