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Keywords are the Key to Search Engine

Keywords are the key to whether your site is seen in the search engines or not. Whether you plan to submit your site for free or use a service you will need to prepare your keyword for the site.

Following are tips must be kept in mind while making your site keywords.

TIP #1
Do not put words into your keyword list that have nothing to do with the content of your web site.

TIP #2
The more key words (phrases) you stress, the less each one will become emphasized. You have a better chance of ranking higher in the search engines with a more targeted approach.

TIP #3
Think about where the competition is for keywords. Avoid using common or generic words, especially ones that have to do with the Internet in general, i.e., web design, internet services, etc. If you are a real estate agent, the words ‘real estate’ might be very hard to capture. You would be better off with something more specific like ‘commercial real estate pennsylvania.’

TIP #4
Use common variations of misspelling in your keyword list.

TIP #5
Make sure you use your keywords in the body text, Title tag and Meta tags of your main page. If you have the perfect keywords, Title and Meta tags, but your body text or content does not contain your keywords, you will probably be listed low in the search engines. Concentrate on the first two paragraphs of your web page.

TIP #6
Unless you are a well known company like Microsoft, it is generally less important to emphasize your company name. Ideally your web site will bring you new business from customers that are unfamiliar with your company, but who are searching for products/services that you can provide.

TIP #7
Use descriptive keyword phrases – as Brian Pinkerton, founder of WebCrawler puts it, “Imagine walking up to a librarian and saying ‘travel’. They’re going to look at you with a blank face.”

TIP #8
Do not hide keywords in the text of your document by using a font color that is the same color as your background color.


Choose the right keywords! Target the wrong keywords and all your efforts will be in vain. Choose the right keywords, and you’ll see an increase in traffic. It is of utmost importance to identify your target market and then select keyword phrases to match. Therefore, select your keywords with extreme care!

Tools For Selecting Keywords:

Once you have chosen your keywords you will want to come back and complete the next step the Meta Tag Maker to create your meta tags.

Selecting your keywords:

  • Keyword Generator : Find the best keywords for your page. Search Term Suggestions are found by trying different words and seeing how many people actually look for those words.
  • KeywordWord Count: Helping you make every word count. Check your key word density and compare it to the the top ranking sites. 
  • Keyword Research Tool searches the major search engines for your keywords, then retrieves each of the top rated pages found and examines their meta tags and page contents to develop a list of words those sites consider important 
  • Search Voyeur: WebCrawler displays live searches on their Search Voyeur. (java required) 

Next Step – Meta Tag Generator