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Free Keyword Search Tools and Top Keywords Suggestions

With this free tool, you can fine tune your page for maximum hits and if you are using multiple doorway pages you will know exactly which keyword phrases to concentrate on. Most people select keyword or phrases by guessing that is not good for business!

Overture has a great Search Term Suggestion page that you can use to eliminate or overcome the guess work. At this site, you can enter a term that’s related to your site and find out how often it is used. Better yet, this free tool will give you all the similar search terms and how often they are used. It even shows the different spellings used…. you will be amazed at what a difference they can make! For example you use key world Himachal it will give all search by keyword like Himachal prades,himachal online or any world in which Himachal is there you can decide which world appears maximum to select it for your site Also, many people using a search engine will put a plus sign (+) between every word they type in.. This is a best tool for pay per click affiliates to find out top bided keywords on search engines to maximize their revenue

To have the highest possible number of visitors from search engines, we need to utilize all these little details when we create our web pages! Here is where you can find the Search Term Suggestion page:

Tools For Selecting Keywords:

Keyword research with tools is the foundation of a good website. We will introduce you to a few of the most important tools. These tools are indispensable to today’s webmaster
Once you have chosen your keywords you will want to come back and complete the next step the Meta Tag Maker to create your meta tags.

Selecting your keywords: Keywords Tools

  • KeywordGenerator: Find the best keywords for your page. Search Term Suggestions are found by trying different words and seeing how many people actually look for those words.
  • KeywordWordCount: Helping you make every word count. Check your key word density and compare it to the the top ranking sites.
  • Keyword Research Tool: searches the major search engines for your keywords, then retrieves each of the top rated pages found and examines their meta tags and page contents to develop a list of words those sites consider important
  • Wordtracker: Wordtracker is the leader in keyword research tools. There is no other tool as comprehensive and useful as Wordtracker for finding hundreds of keywords, then analyzing the competion to help you find the very best keywords to use on your website.
  • Google Keyword Suggestion Sandbox: Google’s Keyword Suggestions tools Sandbox allows you to find new variations of keywords that are relevant for your project. Explore the many variations of your keyword that searchers are really using on Google.
  • Search Voyeur: WebCrawler displays live searches on their Search Voyeur. (java required)
  • Overture Keyword Suggestion Tool: Overture’s Keyword Suggestion Tool is an important tool in every web marketing webmaster’s toolkit. You enter your keyword (preferably one word) and it will generate a list of keyword phrases and the frequency that it they are searched within Overture’s network.

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