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Keyword research is the foundation of a good website. Top keywords are usually required by pay per click affiliates or advertisers. We have made an attempt to find out top keywords or best keywords, most popular keywords on Internet. It will help you to search best keywords in the net.
Following are the top keywords, which are used by most Internet users for searching purpose. Click any of the keyword to see result….

Small Business

Marketing, Office Products, Human Resources

Web & E-Commerce

Online Trading, Internet, eBusiness, Web Site Design, Web Hosting, Web Site Promotion, Affiliate Program, Shopping Cart, Domain Names

Blackjack, Betting, Casinos, Slots, Poker, Bingo, Free Online Video Poker Guide
Gifts, Baby Gifts, Jewelry, Wine, Flowers, Gift Baskets, Gift Certificates

Education & Careers
Job Search, College, Recruiting, Computer Training, Employment

Computer Services
Data Recovery, Dedicated Server, Colocation, Web Hosting, Web Design, DSL

Air Travel, Lodging, Cruises, Adventure Travel, Vacations, Food Finance, Home Finance, Debt, Investing, Personal Finance, Stocks, Real Estate, Insurance, Loan, Business Loans, Financial Services

Business Services
Consulting, Accounting, Training, Human Resource, Legal Services


Home Improvement, Cooking, Real Estate, Pets, Gardening, Home Loan, Interior Design

Web Hosting, Hardware, Software, Computer Games, Domain Names, Linux, Laptops, Printers, Monitors

LCD Projector, Phone, Digital Camera, PDA, Pagers, Cell phones

Golf, Tennis, Fishing, Baseball, Skiing, Soccer, Football, Basketball

Health Insurance, Fitness, Women’s Health, Nutrition, Diet, Men’s Health


Advertising, Direct Mail, Graphic Design, Market Research, Banner

Personal Finance
Home Mortgage, Loan, Refinance, Debt Consolidation, Credit, Credit Cards

Office Products, Office Supplies, Office Furniture, Business Cards, Long Distance, Shipping

Life Insurance, Auto Insurance, Health Insurance, Insurance Brokers, Workers’ Compensation, Travel Insurance, Business Insurance, Home Insurance


Car Insurance, Car Financing, Car Parts, Auto Dealers, New Cars, Used Cars


Skin Care, Computers, Cosmetics, Gifts, Electronics, Auto, Books, Clothing

Web Promotion
Search Engine, SEO, Search Engine Optimization, Link Building, Text Link Ads, Link Popularity Services, Link Building Campaign.